Our Investment Process




Investing Based on Facts, Not Emotions

While your feelings about money play a prominent role in determining the strategy that is right for you, we don't think anyone's emotions–including our own–should have a role in making everyday decisions about your investments. Everything we do in your portfolio is based on using decades of academic research to identify an optimal mix of assets and make investment shifts accordingly. Relying on science, rather than emotions and predictions has benefited our clients time and again.

In supporting an Active Management Strategy, we monitor price trends to identify asset classes that are showing strength and investment opportunities in these asset classes, even including cash.

Having a disciplined systematic method of buying and selling can help capture profits while potentially mitigating losses that are experienced by holding a position that continues to decline. Taking a small loss on a trade, then moving to another more defensive or potentially more productive category/sector, is often better than waiting for a current position to recover or return to its original value.

We seek to identify investment opportunities based on current price dynamics (both positive and negative), not merely on what should be performing based on macroeconomic data, valuation studies, and other non-price related analysis.

Controlling Risk

Over the years, we have found that unexpected risk is the number one reason investors abandon their strategies and fail to achieve their goals. That is why so much of what we do focuses on reducing risk in your portfolio.

There is another reason, too. Lowering risk can, in fact, increase your returns. Reducing the up-and-down movements in the value of your investments creates more stable returns. Typically this produces better results than investment programs whose returns are more erratic. What's good for your peace of mind can also be right for your pocketbook.

This does not mean we think everyone should own low-risk investments: far from it. We also have strategies for middle-of-the-road and more adventurous investors. Every one of our strategies follows the same theme: "...doing all we can to achieve the results you want at the lowest possible level of risk.” This makes it easy for you to stay with the program long enough to experience success.

Independent and Hands-On

Portfolios are only as strong as the investments they contain. We favor using a globally diversified portfolio of mutual funds to help our clients achieve financial success.

Through TD Ameritrade, McBee Advisors has access to thousands of mutual funds to choose from. We owe allegiance only to our clients, and that independence allows us to choose what we regard as the highest quality investments available for your portfolio.

Long-Term Approach

Because it reduces risk and increases the likelihood of success, we encourage our clients to adopt a long-term view of investing. Returns can vary widely in the short run, even with investments that have traditionally been considered conservative and secure. Owning investments for a longer period of time, especially five years or more reduces the impact of year-to-year fluctuations. Long-term investing creates a smoother investment journey, making your financial road easier and more secure.